Rental Spaces


SanctuaryOur Sanctuary seats up to 600 people on the main floor and 300 more in the balcony, but still manages to feel intimate. The total square footage on the main floor is 4,602ft. This area is the It’s a beautiful, airy space, with lots of natural light, and Corinthian columns spacing the balcony and main floor. This is our largest rental space available. Please note, we do not allow food or drinks in the Sanctuary.

Our Sanctuary is decorated simply, and is a comfortable place for persons of all denominations, faiths, or nonreligious individuals. We welcome all. The pews are affixed to the floor, so cannot be moved, but are well spaced.  This space is air conditioned and heated as needed.  We have held many different types of events in the Sanctuary, from religious ceremonies (such as weddings and memorial services), to concerts, graduations, discussion panels, author events, and more.

Our unique Reiger Organ is a resonate instrument that takes advantage of the amazing acoustics, and is available for use for an additional fee (as is our baby grand piano). Our pulpit is a beautiful architectural choice, and is perfect for garlands of flowers, with altar nooks for flower arrangements.

Pierce Hall

La Clinica - Pierce HallHistoric Pierce Hall, was originally one of the first integrated movie theaters in Washington, DC. You can see the physical reminders of that theater in the balcony projection booth, and the organ pipes gracing the wall to either side of the stage. This room is without air conditioning, and is 40 feet by 60 feet (2400 sq. feet), and able to accommodate the following: 350 people standing room only, 300 chairs only, 250 people at round tables and chairs. This is our second largest rental space available.

The stage is a perfect location for a guest speaker at a podium, a DJ or a live band, or a panel discussion with excellent natural acoustics in the room. There is also a basic sound system and a baby grand piano available for an additional rental fees. Pierce Hall also has easy access to our commercial grade kitchen for your caterer’s use.

Dining Room

The Dining Room is our third largest rental space, and is able to accommodate 125 people standing room only, 100 chairs only, or 80 people at tables and chairs (total square footage of 1833ft).  This room is ideal for more intimate events (such as birthday parties or baby showers), smaller discussion panels, or working meetings, as there are no natural acoustics in this room and larger gatherings will require sound amplification.  If you’re looking to host a smaller sit-down meal, this is an ideal space for food service.

Eaton Room

EatonThe Eaton room is our most popular rental space, equaling 836 square feet and able to accommodate 75 people standing room only, 60 chairs only, or 40 people at tables and chairs.

This is a versatile meeting room, with an attached ADA accessible restroom and a decorative fireplace.  We are able to accommodate many types of furniture configurations, allowing for small group discussions, intimate movie screenings, working meetings, small group retreats, and so much more.

Longfellow Room

LongfellowThe Longfellow Room is a great meeting room at 672 square feet, with room for 65 people standing only, 50 chairs only, or 40 people at tables and chairs.  This room also features excellent acoustics and a piano for recitals, and a wall mounted television that has Bluetooth connectivity for previewing presentations or documents.  With beautiful hardwood floors and elegant windows, this room is great for everything from working meetings or receptions to small musical performances.

Tupper Room

This room is also our Youth Group room, so it appears much less formal than our other meeting spaces, with artwork on the walls and inspirational quotes from and for our young adults.  This room is 450 square feet and is able to hold 65 people, standing room only, 50 chairs only, or 25 people at tables and chairs.  This bright and cheerful room is ideal for small discussion groups, smaller meetings, break out sessions, and informal events.


Library3The library is ideal for a multitude of events and meetings.  The room is able to hold 50 people at standing room only, 50 chairs only, or up to 25 people at tables and chairs.

The Library is 434 square feet, and adorned with large, tall windows, beautiful wooden floors, full bookcases, bright overhead lighting for night events, subtle art on the wall, and a decorative fireplace.

This space comes with tables and chairs, which can be folded/stacked, and tucked to the side if unneeded.  It is a distinctive, peaceful and distinguished space, perfect for meetings, discussion groups, meet and greets, and so much more.


Coming Soon! Please contact All Souls Church Office and Events Manager Rose Eaton at to learn more about renting space in our facility.

Spirit Room

Coming Soon! Please contact All Souls Church Office and Events Manager Rose Eaton at to learn more about renting space in our facility.

Wiggle Room

The Wiggle Room is perfect for meetings of six people or less. This is an office sized room, with no furniture in it except chairs. We are able to put a small 2′ x 4′ table (but anything larger would be uncomfortable).  This is great for counseling sessions or consultations.


courtyard03Our three season courtyard is an intimate, beautiful location for a small ceremony of 60 guests or less. It’s also ideal for small receptions, cocktail hours, or photographs. The courtyard is filled with seasonal flowers, bushes, and trees. The brick walls are a beautiful counterpoint to the verdant plants and flowers.There is also a permanently placed water fountain at the center of the courtyard. If you’d like to do an evening event, we recommend stringing lights along the walkways and in the trees. We also recommend renting bar height tables for any food or beverage service in this area (which the church does not have).


Wedding Reception2Our newly remodeled Terrace is also a green rain water filtration system, which recycles water to be used in our plumbing. Nestled beneath our bell tower, with raised custom blue lights, greenery beds, succulent planters, and young trees, this is a lovely space that can be used for a small party or cocktail hour of 60-80 guests. We recommend renting bar height tables (which the church does not have) for any food or beverage service in this area. There is also room for a DJ or a live band, and there is power accessible in this space.

South Lawn

playgroundThe South Lawn is an intimate space, enclosed by wrought iron fencing and is adjacent to 16th Street. While a bit noisy due to city street traffic, it’s a great spot for a less formal cocktail or reception with live music. It is perfect for events with children, as there is room to play while still under the watchful eye of parents. Electricity is also available in this space, easily allowing for decorative lighting or music equipment. There are three folding picnic tables available, and additional seating can be added.