Rental FAQs

Is Your Building ADA Compliant?

Yes, our building is completely accessible. Our access ramp is located on the corner of 16th St and Harvard St. We have an elevator to transport guests among our three floors, and all our restrooms are handicap accessible. Each floor is also equipped with an Area of Refuge in the case of an emergency.

Do You Have Photos Of Your Spaces?

Yes, please visit our Rental Spaces Page.  You will be able to see descriptions of each space and photos.

Is There Parking Available?

Sadly, no. We do NOT have a parking lot, and are surrounded by street parking only.

We are conveniently located along several metro bus routes, and are two blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro Train station, which runs along the Yellow and Green lines.

There are also community neighbors close by who are sometimes willing to rent parking spaces for use during weddings or events.  National Baptist Memorial Church, at the corner of 15th St NW and Columbia occasionally has spots available in their parking lot.

The nearest parking garage is DC USA Parking, which is accessible at 3100 Irving St NW.  The rates are extremely reasonable, at $5 for 4 hours, $12 for 4-12 hours, of $20 for the day. The garage is closed between the hours of 1AM and 5AM.

Are We Allowed to Decorate and/or Hang Signs?

Yes, you may hang signs, but you may only use masking tape or painters tape. We do not allow the use of any other type of tape as it damages the paint on our walls or leaves residue on the glass. 

If you wish to decorate, you may do so, so long as you do not nail, tack, staple, or otherwise damage the walls, wood, ceilings, floors, or any other aspect of the space.  We recommend using removable command hooks, pew clips, ribbon/twine, bendable wire, or pipe cleaners. 

Any decorations you place in one of our spaces must be taken down by the end of your event.  This includes any and all signs, balloons, or other decorations.  Failure to remove these items may result in all or part of your security deposit being kept by the church. 

May We Take Photographs During Our Event?

Of course!  We do ask that you contact the church for permission before posting images on social media or for use in media or other publishing where our venue is a) recognizable by its exterior or signage or b) mentioned specifically by name. We may also ask to use your photographs with permission on the church’s website, social media, or in reporting to our members.

Is It Possible to Rent More Than One Room At A Time?

Yes, depending on the availability of spaces during the dates/times you have requested. 

Do You Rent to Long Term Tenants?

At this time, we only have space for one long term tenant, and that is a contract we hold with a local school.  Currently, we are able to support one-off events, some regular recurring events (such as a monthly/quarterly meeting), and special events.  Each event or meeting is evaluated on a case by case basis.  We will do our best to accommodate, but we may not always be able to offer space or consistent space. 

Are There Tables and Chairs Available?

Yes, we rent out the use of our tables ($2.50 per) and chairs ($0.50) per. Depending on the size of your event, we may charge a fee to set up and take down the furniture for you.  This will be noted on your quote if it is necessary. 

If you are a church member renting space, we do not charge for tables and chairs, but we may charge a fee to setup and take down the furniture, depending on the size of the event. 

Our chairs are plain black metal folding chairs. We have a variety of tables.  The sizes are as follows:

65” Round Tables (seats 8-10 people)

6’ x 3’ Folding Tables

5’ x 18” Folding Tables

4’ x 2’ Folding Tables

We do NOT have bar height tables or chairs.  If you require these for your event, you will need to rent them from an outside vendor and have them delivered to the church.  If you require help with setup, the church is able to assist for an additional fee. 

Do You Rent Space to Support Groups?

At this time, we are not able to accept long term tenants on a weekly basis. We may be able to accommodate a less often meeting, but it would depend on the needs of the group and the availability of church space.

If the church is available, we would be happy to rent space to support groups whose mission and values align with those of All Souls.  We may be able to offer reduced rental rates to support groups. 

Do You Have a Sound System?

We have a fully integrated sound system in the Sanctuary, and a slightly similar sound system in Pierce Hall, both available for rent.  None of the other rooms require amplification.  If you wish to play music in the smaller rooms, you will need to provide your own system.

 If you require more than a very basic setup (ie, microphone and speakers, or a jack to plug in a music player) you will be required to hire our sound technician for the duration of your event. The sound technician rate is $500 per eight hours.

You are welcome to hire your own technician and bring in your own equipment if you do not wish to hire the church’s technician, you may do so, but you must rent everything you need, including cables and extension cords.  The church will not provide you with these the day of.

Do You Have Projectors and Screens?

The church has a screen and two projectors available for an additional fee. In some rooms, you may need to project on the white walls, or provide your own equipment.  If this equipment is not available, you will need to provide your own. 

Do You Have a TV/DVD Player Available?

Yes, we have both available for an additional fee. 

Can You Help Us Hire Live Musicians?

We can offer you a list of vocalists, musicians, pianists, and organists that we work with at the church, and their contact information, but it is up to you to negotiate a contract and fair payment for their services. You will need to work with them directly.

Do You Provide Food of Beverages?

No, we do not provide any catering or beverage service to renters.  You are required to provide your own meals/food. We do not have a list of preferred caterers, so you are welcome to have food delivered from any caterer you would like.  If your caterer requires the use of the All Souls Kitchen, they must have a DC Licensed Food Protection Manager on site for the duration of your event. 

We do have an ice machine and water dispensers in the building, which all renters may use.

Do You Have Gender Neutral Restrooms?


Do You Have a Place Specifically for Breast Feeding Mothers?