Nonprofit Rentals

2016 SederAll Souls Church is willing to rent space to nonprofit organizations with a 501c3 status whose mission and values align with those of the church We welcome persons and organizations from all walks of life who also share, respect and appreciate our values. 

Nonprofit organizations who wish to rent space within the church must complete the Nonprofit Space Request Form in its entirety. Most often, we are able to provide organizations with discounted rental rates, usually 25% off our regular rental rates.  Organizations who have not received their 501c3 documentation at least 3 weeks prior to their event date are not eligible for the All Souls Nonprofit Rates, and will be charged full price. 

Please note that any event that takes place outside of our regular hours of operation will be charged a flat rate fee of $150 per day, plus $50 an hour in staff coverage.  This covers the church’s expenses involved with opening/closing and staffing the building outside of our regular hours. These are fees we charge any renter, including church members, when event hours/dates are outside our regular hours and there are no exceptions to this requirement. 

Church members requesting space on behalf of a nonprofit organization for an event will receive nonprofit rates.