Donated Space Program

still-crossing-psIn accordance with our commitment to serve the community and move the world towards justice, All Souls Church occasionally donates event space to groups that align with our mission and values. This agreement establishes clear expectations related to the space use so that our building, our staff, and All Souls’ relationship with the outside group(s) are well cared-for.

We place a high priority on ensuring that our custodial and front desk staff have reasonable hours and workloads. In cases where significant work is required, we may donate the space and ask the group to cover the cost of additional custodial and/or front desk support.

Please Note: The Church is not always able to offer Donated Space to organizations, and if we are not able to do so, we are able to offer Reduced Pricing instead.  This is a discount of 25% off our regular rental rates.

Groups receiving donated space agree to:

  • Conduct all portions of your event within the church’s hours of operation.  Our hours vary during the summer months of June-early September, so please ask the Event Management Team for a list of the current hours of operation.
  • Provide the name and contact information for a person who will be at the event, for the entire duration. This person is accountable for the expectations in this agreement.
  • All items you bring into the building must be removed by you/your organization on the same day; no exceptions.
  • Clean up any trash, recycling or other mess at the end of the meeting.  This includes taking down any signs or literature hung or placed around the spaces.
  • All left over food and beverage items must be removed by you, or discarded.  The church does not have programming related to food or food donations.
  • Put back any furniture you moved.
  • If the event is near the church’s closing time, agree to exit the church promptly.

In addition, the following points apply from the typical rental agreement:

1. The Renter is liable for damage to the building, grounds, furniture and/or equipment of All Souls Church, Unitarian and the safety of guests. The Renter will be held responsible for costs of repair that exceed the normal wear and tear. The Renter also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless All Souls Church, Unitarian from any loss damage, or liability of property or persons resulting from facility use.

2. Signs, photographs, etc., may be displayed in the interior of the building. No items may be applied with any type of adhesive, staples or tack to any walls, doors, glass, etc. Bulletin boards, photographs and decorations that belong to the church will remain in place. Nothing is to be removed or rearranged without approval from the Space Use Manager. Decorations for an event must be placed with care, so there is no damage to the building or furniture.

3. No alcohol is permitted at the event.  If you require alcohol at your event, it is not eligible for the Donated Space program, and would instead be considered a rental.

4. All Souls will only provide tables and chairs for a specified rental fee. Tablecloths, plates, utensils, easels, and any/all other supplies, must be provided by the Renter.

If the Renter needs the All Souls staff to set up tables and chairs, they must submit set-up instructions and/or a diagram no later than the Wednesday prior to your event start date. If the information is not received by the requested time, the Renter will be responsible for the set-up of tables and chairs.

5. All Souls Church, Unitarian is not responsible for deliveries from caterers, florists and furniture rental, etc. to the building or for things left before, during, or after an event. Before deliveries and pick-ups (food, flowers, sound equipment, etc.) are scheduled, please contact the Event Management Team to schedule an appropriate time frame during the church’s regular hours of operation.

6. There is no tobacco use of any kind (to include chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes), or drug use allowed on the church’s property at any time, no exceptions. This includes the playground, terrace, courtyard, and stairways. Loitering in the halls and/or outside the church is not allowed.

7.  No group, organization, or individual may solicit or post signs espousing a partisan political cause, party or person.

8.  If the renter(s) and/or their guest(s) conduct themselves in a manner that may be dangerous to the staff, guests and property of All Souls Church, Unitarian, and the police will be called and the Renter(s) and/or their guest(s) will be asked to leave the property immediately.