Meet the Staff

All Souls Church Office and Events Manager

Eaton - RosalindContact the Office & Events Manager

Rosalind P. D. Eaton (Rose) has been with the church since April of 2015, and has been professionally coordinating events and space usage for commercial use, nonprofit use, and private event use for years.  Events under her purview include weddings, memorials, concerts, conferences, baby showers, large private parties, stage shows, job fairs, and more. She has been in and around the wedding industry for 15+ years, first as a professional wedding photographer, and later as a wedding coordinator.  Rose has a wide variety of skills and experiences that will help guide your special day to the one you’ve been envisioning.  As an expert in logistics and planning, your event couldn’t be in better hands.

Front Desk Reception Staff

Collectively, our Front Desk Staff has over 50 years of customer service experience. They are happy to provide directions around the building or to public transport, call up a cab for you or your guests, and offer recommendations for nearby businesses.  These staff members provide a layer of support and security during your events, by ensuring the entrances are monitored and doors secured as needed, or providing simple first aid items, like bandaids or icepacks.  Did you forget to bring something for your event? Ask the front desk staff, we might just have what you need (some items may be an additional fee).

Custodial Staff

Custodial staff members will be on site for the duration of your event, monitoring the cleanliness of all spaces and restrooms in use.  These folks are also those responsible for setting up and taking down the furniture and equipment you’ve rented for your event.  Have a spill, or the bathrooms need more paper towels? We’ll be there quickly to assist.