For Church Members

2016 Post Election ServiceAll Souls Church is delighted to rent space to our church members and congregants for their private functions or events.

However, we are only able to extend a discount to those persons who have taken the steps to become Members of the church (like to Membership page). This includes taking the Joining Class and signing the Membership book. The church will rent to congregants who are familiar to the church, but they will be charged the regular rental fee.

We include the use of tables and chairs in all member rentals, but may charge a fee for setup/take down of furniture, depending on the size of the event. This amount, if charged, will be indicated on your rental quote and usage agreement.

Use of additional items, such as the sound equipment, projector/screen, or other equipment that the church possess may be rented at an additional fee.

Church members may use linens and church tableware/glassware, but are responsible for washing and returning all items used (this includes laundering linens and/or cloth napkins). These items may be requested through the Church Event Manager. The church staff will not be responsible for the cleaning of these items, and failure to do so may result in part or all of your security deposit to be retained. Some items may not be available, and if that is the case, you will be informed.

The church staff will only be responsible for the setup/take down of furniture, removal of bagged trash and recycling if the dumpster is inaccessible, and the sweeping/mopping of the floors. A custodian will be on site for the duration of large events (50 or more people) to maintain the bathrooms, and will be on hand for emergency cleanups/spills.
Please note that any event that takes place outside of our regular hours of operation will be charged a flat rate fee of $150 per day, plus $50 an hour in staff coverage. This covers the church’s expenses involved with opening/closing and staffing the building outside of our regular hours. These are fees we charge any renter, including church members, when event hours/dates are outside our regular hours and there are no exceptions to this requirement.

Church members requesting space on behalf of a nonprofit organization for an event will receive nonprofit rates.