Caterer Guidelines

All Caterers must comply with All Souls Church, Unitarian rules and regulations regarding food service and clean up in regards to events at the Church. The following guidelines will assist the Caterer in successfully servicing an event.

1. All Caterers must provide to the Event Coordinator, no later than 14 days prior to the event:
• A current copy of the Washington DC Department of Health (DoH) Food Protection Manager license for the Food Protection Manager(s) who will be on site during the event. Licenses must not expire before or on the event date.
• A Certificate of Liability.

2. If you have not catered an event at All Souls Church, Unitarian, you must schedule and attend a Walk Through with the church Event Coordinator 30-45 days prior to the scheduled event.

3. Caterer must be on site until all food and beverage related portions of the event are complete and corresponding areas of the church are cleaned appropriately.

4. Floor mats must be used in all bar areas and food clean-up stations other than the kitchen.

5. There will be a church Custodian onsite throughout the event to assist with major cleanups that cannot be handled by the Caterer without assistance

6. Failure to clean in accordance with the Caterer’s Responsibilities will result in the forfeiture of all or part of the client’s catering security deposit.
• The All Souls Church Event Coordinator will perform an inspection of the kitchen and dining areas to ensure cleanliness.
• The Signature of the Caterer’s designated representative will be required on the Event Report Inspection Checklist prior to the caterer’s departure.
The attached checklist is the Caterer portion of the Inspection Checklist.

7. Washington DC Department of Health (DoH) Guidelines for food safety must be maintained at all times:
a. A Food Protection Manager licensed through the Washington DC DoH must be on site at all times during the event.
b. Keep “hot what is hot”, and “cold what is cold,” following DC DoH established minimum and maximum safe temperatures.
c. Minimum holding temperature for warm food is 145 degrees.
d. If the food in the holding area drops below 145 degrees, then it MUST be reheated to 165 degrees or above and then maintained at 145 degrees or higher.
e. Exclude from food handling those workers with obvious signs of illness, respiratory infections, open sores or infections.
f. Avoid contacting food with bare hands; wash hands thoroughly and use disposable gloves.

8. Kitchen Equipment Provided:
• Stainless steel countertops
• 1 freezer
• 1 industrial size refrigerator
• Handwashing sinks, food prep sink, and dishwashing sink (all separate)
• commercial dishwasher
• garbage disposal
• commercial stovetop and oven
• commercial warming oven