Starting & Finishing with Gratitude

Best-Thankful-quotes-640x300Weddings involve thousands of little details, and it often feels overwhelming. The day itself can be emotionally charged, and by the time everything is said and done, you’re probably tired, and its easier to forget about how hard of a journey it was.  It’s important to remember along the way, that while a wedding is a celebration of two people, it takes a village to put it all together.

Take moments along the way to be grateful for the wonderful people in your lives, who have had an opportunity to help you along the way (both in life, and in wedding planning!).  Celebrate your joys with them.  Share any concerns or worries.  Practice mindfulness through your gratitude.

I recently read an article from Berkley’s Greater Good Magazine, citing how gratitude can enhance your relationships (I mean, how could showing appreciation not do that?), boosts happiness, and helps provide motivation.  Physical benefits of gratitude (while perhaps unproven)can include sleeping better and increased health.

When things are going well, its easier to forget to be thankful for what we have, rather than wanting more. It’s also important to remember that wedding planning is often stressful, and that you aren’t the only stressed person involved. Take a moment to be grateful for all the harried people who are helping you, from friends and family, to the person at the bakery, the wedding coordinator, the persons at the dress shop and/or haberdashery.  Talk to others about what is stressful or isn’t going well, with the attitude of finding solutions and developing a plan to reduce/eliminate the issue.  Approach the difficulty with an attitude of gratitude that issues can be worked through, though some will be harder than others.

After your wedding, take a couple of days for yourselves to simply be grateful for each other! That is, after all, one of the ideals a wedding represents.  Rest, rejuvenate. Then, approach your thank you cards.   Here’s a little cheat sheet (originally seen on here) to help you focus on the message you want to convey, instead of the words that might not be coming easily.  Feel free to ad lib with more personalized messages to let your gratitude shine through.

And remember to breathe, stop and rejuvenate, and progress with gratitude.


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